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Everything you need to manage workplace health and safety – all in one place!

EHS Software

One of the Best EHS SoftwareSystems on the Market

The BIStrainer EHS Software can support your company with:

and more!

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EHS Software forPrevention & Training

Prevent incidents before they happen

EHS software can help increase the uptake of safety training as well as aid in prevention.

The BIStrainer EHS software has over 1,700 online training courses as well as a digital forms tool that helps with prevention.

Complete digital forms such as:

  • Field level hazard assessments
  • Toolbox talks
  • Site audits
  • And many more EHS management forms!

EHS Management Software for Compliance & Reporting

Always be ready for internal andexternal audits!

Within BIStrainer EHS Software, you have access to online reporting dashboards and can quickly set up automated notifications for topics such as:

  • Forms or documents about to expire
  • Incidents occurring throughout your company
  • Office and worksite locations
  • Risk analysis based on digital Hazard Assessments and Site Audits
  • And much more!

Powered by 6 Main Modules

Only pay for the modules you need!

Learning ManagementModule

EHS Software
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Training RecordManagement Module

EHS Software
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Digital FormsModule

EHS Software
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Equipment ManagementModule

EHS Software
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Digital FoldersModule

EHS Software
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Classroom CalendarModule

EHS Software
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Ready to Get Started?

The BIStrainer EHS Software is powered by six main modules – the learning management system, record management system, digital forms, asset management, digital folders, and the classroom calendar. One of the best things about BIStrainer is you are in control of what you use and pay for!
You choose which of the six modules will serve you best, our team can create your branded portal and get you started!

Step 1

Contact us to get rolling

If you are ready to use any of the six modules that make up the BIStrainer EHS Software, reach out to our team with the contact button below! They can help answer any questions and get you ready to roll!

Step 2

Activate your company portal

You get a custom portal that matches your company colors, logo, and other branding so your employees and contractors will always know they are in the right place!

Step 3

Schedule your free onboarding

All BIS clients get onboarding included when they activate their portal. Our team will spend time with your admin team and ensure you are getting the most from BIStrainer from the first day you start using it.