Document Control Software

Secure your company’s online forms and documents – all in one place!

Document Control Software

Document Control

The BIStrainer document control software can support your company with:

Assigning forms and documents
Compliance audits
Ensuring forms and documents are completed
Reporting on all forms and documents
Manage who has access to specific documents
Keeping sensitive data and documents secure
and more!

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BIStrainer Document Control Software

Centralize Everything In One Application

No matter how many documents, forms, or manuals you are currently using at your company, with BIStrainer, all of them will be housed in a central system. This means you have access to your critical documents whenever you or your employees need them no matter where they are!

Create a central source of truth for your company documents!

Reporting and Analyticsfor Documents and forms

Reporting can help keep you ready for compliance audits!

Within BIStrainer you can view online reporting dashboards and can easily create automated alerts for topics like:

  • Documents that are about to expire
  • Who has access to specific documents
  • Whether documents have been completed
  • Site audit documents
  • And much more!

More Information

Throughout the full lifetime of your company’s compliance activities, document control software is used to consolidate and streamline the procedures and workflows for all sorts of documents. It streamlines compliance requirements and audits by automating the procedures of key document evaluation, approval, dissemination, retrieval, and obsolescence while recording all updates. Document control software is perfect for disaster recovery and business continuity due to its centralized, digital nature.

Using the BIStrainer document control software you can quickly assign all of your forms and documents right from the application. You can easily pull documents and forms needed to complete audits, both internal and external.

Using the software you can confirm if people have completed their assigned forms and documents. You can pull reports on every document created and stored in the system, and control who has what levels of access to each document.

The BIStrainer servers are all based in North America and we are SOC 2 compliant. We have a technical support team ready to answer any questions you or your team may have!

Ready to Get Started?

The BIStrainer Document Management Software is powered by several of the BIStrainer modules – specifically the learning management system, record management system, digital forms, and digital folders. One of the best things about BIStrainer is you are in control of what you use and pay for!
You choose which of the modules will serve you best, our team can create your branded portal and get you started!

Step 1

Contact us to get rolling

If you are ready to use any of the modules that make up the BIStrainer Document Management Software, reach out to our team with the contact button below! We can help get you ready to roll!

Step 2

Activate your company portal

You get a custom portal that matches your company colors, logo, and other branding so your employees and contractors will always know they are in the right place!

Step 3

Schedule your free onboarding

All BIS clients get onboarding included when they activate their portal. Our team will spend time with your admin team and ensure you are getting the most from BIStrainer from the first day you start using it.