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Field Level Hazard Assessment (FLHA) Software

Catch Hazards Before They Become Incidents

It is critical to the health and safety of your workforce that employees perform hazard assessments before work begins on work sites. Whether you call them Field Level Risk Assessments (FLRAs) or Field Level Hazard Assessments (FLHAs), these routines help your workers identify and evaluate hazards in the workplace. FLHAs also help employees consider and choose proper hazard controls to reduce or eliminate potential hazards.

However, if your company has not yet made its assessments digital, you may be dealing with the inconvenience of bringing paperwork, clipboards, and writing utensils to and from work sites.

Get rid of that hassle and move your forms online. Digital forms can be completed with any Internet-connected smartphone or tablet. Plus, digital forms provide you with instant reporting details, trending data, and updates on important safety issues. But that’s just the beginning…

Hazard Management Made Easy

With our hazard assessment software, you can customize your hazard identification checklists. Use our form builder technology to include special form features like:

The BIStrainer field level hazard assessment software

is more than a convenient digital form builder; it’s also a robust reporting and tracking tool for better hazard mitigation.



Cloud Storage

You’ll never have to worry about where or how to access completed forms ever again. All forms are stored on our secure, cloud-based server, and you can access every completed hazard assessment on any online device.

Automatic Assignment

Assigning forms takes just a few clicks of a button. Assign specific forms by user role, location, equipment, or even individual, then sit back while the software delivers the forms to the right people.

Instant Submission

No more chasing down hazard assessments. The second a worker hits “Submit,” the form is uploaded and ready for review.

Paperless Record

Are your administrative costs too high? It’s time to go paperless. Save money and time, and make document organization a breeze.

Escalated Notifications

You already know that you can notify supervisors with certain responses and fields, but the hazard assessment software’s notification capabilities go beyond that. With escalated notifications, you can assign individuals to follow up on forms if the supervisor has not taken action after a specified length of time.

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