Learning Management System

Learning Management System (LMS)

Learning Management System

Enterprise-level learning management system (LMS)

BIStrainer’s suite of Learning & Compliance software includes an enterprise-level Learning Management System (LMS) which boasts a comprehensive exam engine, full SCORM compatibility, an integrated eCommerce store, and a course permission management system.

The feature that makes the BIStrainer Learning Management System stand out from a traditional LMS is its built-in course player, which has the ability to ask the student to upload historical training records while inside the course, and it can ask the student to fill out digital forms and upload paperwork within the course. From there, the system is able to send entered information like “Emergency Contact” details or “Driver Documents” to the right place.

BIStrainer software was designed to align with safety-related training and topics, making it the perfect fit for any company’s safety program.

Learning Management System (LMS)

Training Matrix – Automatically Assign Safety Training

Easily assign online and classroom-based training to new and current employees with the BIStrainer training matrix.

The training matrix is integrated into the BIStrainer enterprise learning management system – all you need to do is set up your company roles, training topics, training requirements, and certification programs. With that information, the system can automatically assign all required and optional training courses to your team based on their roles, locations, certification expiration dates, divisions, and more. The training matrix can also provide you with gap reporting, compliance tracking, and progress toward certifications.

Create Online Onboarding & Orientations

With BIStrainer software, you can create dynamic online onboarding orientations for all of your employees and site visitors.

Digitize required new-hire paperwork for employees and contractors

Automatically transfer completed forms to the right departments

Provide access to the latest company policies and procedures

Upload your existing PowerPoint slideshows

Keep company messaging and news up to date

Capture historical training records within the orientation

Add competency testing to the onboarding

Add questions and activities mid orientation


Enterprise Learning Management System

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BIStrainer is designed to support a strong safety culture within your business. BIStrainer’s features have been created with a focus on workplace safety – this has made BIStrainer a great fit for companies with a health and safety program.

Learning Management System (LMS)

Online Testing

Create and Facilitate Multiple Choice and Long Answer Assessments with the BIStrainer Exam Engine

BIStrainer’s built-in exam engine allows you to assess the training results to ensure training information is being retained. This secure and user-friendly tool is also a great way to facilitate online pre- and post-training exams and quizzes to measure knowledge levels, progress, and gaps.

In the exam engine, you can create pools of questions, you can randomize the question and answer orders, and you can also create custom questions with open-ended answers that are sent to qualified individuals for marking. Because every company is different, the exam engine allows you to fully customize your assessments.

OVER 1,700

Training Courses Available

We have partnered with industry leading course owners to bring you an online store that gives you access to over a thousand of the top training courses from industry experts and training providers.

As one of the best learning management (LMS) systems, it’s simple and easy to buy a course for yourself and your employees. From there, the LMS gives you the ability to assign courses to employees based on their roles, locations, etc.


A few examples of the professional safety training courses available through the BIStrainer store are:
Gas Detection
Ground Disturbance
Chainsaw Safety
Bloodborne Pathogens
Transportation of Dangerous Goods
and over 1,700 more
Course Store
Learning Management System (LMS)


BIStrainer not only supports SCORM 1.2 and 2004; it also offers a course creation tool that uploads multimedia formats such as MP4, HTML5, JPEG, PNG, PDF, and more. PowerPoints can be loaded directly into the system in just a few clicks, and then the program can randomize multiple choice questions between the desired slides. You can upload how-to videos filmed on your smartphone, add course questions, and assign courses to thousands of employees in just minutes. The flexibility of BIStrainer’s multimedia puts your courses above SCORM standards, which means you can get your training out faster and more effectively.

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