Instructor Dashboard

Interactive Instructor Dashboard

Intuitive Classroom Management for Instructors

The interactive dashboard is one of the top features from our classroom calendar software. The dashboard makes it easy for instructors to drag and drop course materials right to a student’s screen, instantly putting videos and PowerPoints on the student’s tablet or computer.

Instructors can also drag and drop quizzes into the dashboard’s student access drop zone, giving students immediate access. As students complete the quiz, results appear on the instructor dashboard, allowing the instructor to see which areas of the course material need more focus and attention.

Drag-and-Drop Technology

Results and Participation Charts

Simple Course Creation

Video or Presentation Upload

Instructor Dashboard

Assign Instructors and Customize Courses

You can quickly add an instructor to any online course in your classroom calendar.

Instructors can view a list of courses to which they are assigned and add course-specific materials to each, all from their dashboard.

Add Instructors to any course in your calendar

Instructors can add documents and quizzes to their courses

Easily avoid double-booking your course instructors

Customize classroom courses and share material with students

Course instructors can use the dashboard to upload all relevant course materials well in advance, including:


Quizzes and exams



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Share Course Material with Students

Share learning material with students using simple drag-and-drop technology.

Instructor Dashboard
Sharing information using the “Student Access” feature makes it easy to provide classroom materials to students. You can choose to share materials with every student in a course, or only with certain students who need additional support. The ability to send materials to specific students means you can tailor your teaching approach to everyone’s unique needs, supplementing one student’s learning with an instruction manual or retesting the knowledge of another with a quiz or assessment.

The intuitive instructor dashboard lets you choose whether to go through material with individual students on their private devices or with the group on the main screen. This group feature is perfect for discussing quiz questions together, allowing students to collaborate and share knowledge.

Review Quiz Grades In Real Time

Instructors can not only send quizzes to every student’s computer or tablet, they can also instantly review each student’s score, the overall scores for the class, and the average score on each question. This real-time performance feedback shows instructors which areas and concepts their students are struggling with the most, allowing them to focus additional class time accordingly.

Instructor Dashboard

Feature Overview


Quickly assign instructors to your courses


View overall and individual scores to adjust training as needed


Share material to the main screen and to students’ private screens


Instantly play videos or slides for the class

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Interactive Instructor Dashboard

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