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Sometimes, the deadliest hazards are those you don’t notice. That’s why site inspections are so important.

By critically examining the workplace, you can identify and eliminate hazards before they become incidents. Awareness is the key. Workers need to know where to examine, what hazards to look for, how frequently inspections should be done, what to put in the inspection report, who the report must go to, and so on. All of that planning requires policies, documentation, and reporting, which can be done far more efficiently using digital forms rather than traditional paperwork.

Site inspection software turns piles of paperwork into an efficient and cost-effective system, increasing the quality of your inspections and saving you money in the long run.

Key Benefits Include:

  • Automatic notifications for new inspections
  • Instant access to proper procedures
  • Clarity on the steps involved to successfully complete inspections
  • Digital documentation of historical inspections

  • Real-time notifications and alerts for issues and concerns
  • Global tracking of corrective actions and assigned tasks

Customized Site Inspections

With site inspection software, it’s easy to set up and customize site inspection checklists.

Create your checklist with unlimited items (e.g., lighting, noise, ventilation, cables, extinguishers, PPE), then group items by the categories your sites require (e.g., Environment, Ergonomics, Electrical, Hazardous Materials, Housekeeping). These digital forms can include elements like checkboxes, drop-down lists, Likert scales, date and time stamps, open text fields, electronic signatures, and even the ability to upload images and videos.

By using a combination of form elements, you can make your inspection as brief or as in-depth as you’d like, from simply requiring checked-off items to requiring in-depth descriptions and images. Create advanced form features with hidden fields and programmed logic that make certain fields appear only if a safety issue is discovered during the inspection.

Once created, you can assign the inspection checklist to employees by company role, location, or name. The site inspection software can even schedule inspections or make them recurring based on your company’s unique inspection intervals.

Digital Storage

With online site inspections, you can ditch the pens, paper, and clipboards.

Workers can complete inspections in the field with tablets or even with their phones. Because the forms are digital, workers can save progress as they go so that no information is lost during the inspection.

Depending on how the inspection form is set up, workers can leave comments on hazards found or include images and videos to provide an accurate account of findings.

Workers can electronically sign the inspection form, with their signatures stored within the form for your records. The software allows inspection forms to be submitted and processed immediately, and then they are sent to any assigned evaluators for review, sign-off, and/or next steps. You can even set up your form so that specific employees are notified when certain form fields are selected or completed.

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Reporting & Analytics

Completed inspections contain data and analytics that are invaluable assets to your company. With site inspection software, you can compile the data into Excel reports within minutes.

Site Inspection Software

One of the most important parts of a site inspection is having instant access to robust reporting. Over time, trending data will help paint a picture of where problem areas may exist in each of your work sites. Having access to targeted Excel reports and large scale data that can be organized into pivot tables will help you extract valuable information about hazards and potential hazards on your work sites.

This is just the beginning of what is possible with the reporting technology that is integrated directly into the BIStrainer platform. And when you sign up and receive your private portal, all of this data belongs to you.

Advanced reporting technology includes:

  • Excel summary reports
  • Detailed Excel reports
  • Dashboard reporting
  • Task management reporting
  • Corrective actions reporting
  • Real-time alerts and notifications

Capture Images & Video

Site inspection software allows you to go above and beyond due diligence requirements because you can create inspections that do more than just identify hazards in the workplace. Craft your company’s hazard control strategies by evaluating the photos and videos in the inspection forms and using the software’s advanced analytics. This documentation and safety planning will make you feel confident in the fact that you haven’t just met your regulatory requirements – you’ve exceeded them.

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Site Inspection Software

Use this innovative software to elevate the quality of your site inspections and overall workplace safety.