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New Lone Worker Software

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The Lone Worker function is especially made to give employees greater security and comfort while they are working alone

  • Make a timetable for check-ins.
  • Set up notifications for supervisors to get
  • Automated alerts of check-in
  • Adapt the tool to your requirements.
  • Begin and finish sessions as necessary

By utilizing the lone worker tool to stay in touch with everyone, wherever they are working, you can increase the safety of your team.

Lone Worker Functionality

How it Helps

This feature enables employees to use SafeTapp’s Lone Worker feature to occasionally check in with a crew member, team lead, supervisor, etc. to let them know they are safe while working alone in potentially dangerous locations. Our mobile safety app’s new function can provide better security and peace of mind. The procedure is as easy as:

  • Using SafeTapp to get to the Working Alone option
  • Arranging check-ins at your own speed with designated users
  • Receiving notifications and changes at the time period you choose
  • Once you’re done, send updates and turn off the Lone Worker Feature

Using SafeTapp’s Lone Worker Feature

The mobile safety program called SafeTapp brings the BIStrainer experience to your smartphones. Together, the Lone Worker feature and this app provide a number of capabilities to promote health and safety goals. Through the app, users may access their training records, safety documentation, and corporate rules and procedures. On their smartphones or tablets, users may save and download training certificates thanks to SafeTapp. For accurate and up-to-date records, it synchronizes with the BIStrainer system.

Users may also personalize the app with their corporate identity, access cloud storage folders for crucial documents, and generate digital forms. SafeTapp is an iOS and Android device compatible app that is free to download.

Lone Worker Software

Designated Contacts & Managers

Lone Worker Software

In the event that lone employees fail to check in or make an assistance request, certain users and Location Managers are alerted.

Custom Response Times

Lone Worker Software

To ensure that their workers are responsible and secure, Client Admins can establish a maximum response time in minutes using the Response Time option.

Customize your Needs

Lone Worker Software

Optional Notifications

Lone Worker Software

Receive Reminders and Updates at your Chosen Intervals

Lone Worker Software

Lone employees are required to establish check-in intervals, and when those times hit zero, they get a notification to check-in utilizing SafeTapp’s Lone Worker functionality.

Send Updates and End the Lone Worker Feature when Finished

Lone Worker Software

Check-in Schedules

Lone Worker Software

When often working alone, check-in intervals can be standardized to provide a continuing schedule of updates and safety checks, removing the need for additional setup each time.

Designate Contacts

Lone Worker Software

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Store Training Records, Complete Forms, and Manage Equipment

Size – 26 MB,

Category – Education,

Compatibility – Requires iOS 9.3 or later, Android 3.1 or later,

Languages – English,

Age Rating – 9+,

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Price – Free

Lone Worker Software
Lone Worker Software
Lone Worker Software
Lone Worker Software

Start working smarter with SafeTapp and the Lone Worker Software

To keep your business operating efficiently and securely, you will have access to the Lone Worker function and so much more with SafeTapp.