Employee Performance Management System

Employee Performance Management

Do you want to improve the tracking and management of employee evaluations, annual assessments, competency validations, and performance reviews without all of the paperwork?

The Employee Performance Management Tracking System can help you achieve these goals. With this secure, cloud-based system, employee files are not only instantly available to managers but are also carefully restricted so only those with management permissions have access to them.

This means that managers, regardless of location, can access and collaborate on a shared platform. Securely store and retrieve historical documents related to administration, training, and much more, including:

Annual reviews

One-on-one surveys

Disciplinary reviews

Performance evaluations

Compliance documents

Hazard assessments

Competency Tracking

Instantly check your company’s performance across multiple categories.

Fall Protection Competency Verification
Confined Space Competency Verification
First Aid Skills Refresher Verification
Defensive Driving Skills & Competency Verification


Employee Rewards
Tracking System

You’ve seen the benefits of the Employee Performance Management Tracking System; now, unlock the power of the Employee Rewards Tracking System.

With this tool, you can design point-based employee incentive and safety reward programs. The software makes it simple for managers to track positive actions and record performance information across multiple levels of the organization.

The Employee Safety Rewards Tracking System is also a great tool for clearly defining your company’s safety metrics. Once workers see what is expected safety behavior, they can adjust their own efforts accordingly and will understand how to earn rewards for good safety practices.

This rewards system also allows you to scale your incentive program across the entire enterprise. Whether your organization has 50 employees or 50,000, digital tracking and file management make it easy to create, implement, and maintain your rewards program.

Employee Performance Management Tracking System

Additional benefits include:

Establish a reliable safety reporting system

Provide consistency in work incentives

Reward employees who are committed to the work and company

Turn good practices into enforced procedure

Store long-term safety and employee performance information for use by management at annual reviews

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