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Network Partner Program

Offer your customers 1,600+ online courses with 200 in Spanish, straight from your own website

Offering online safety courses can be extremely expensive. The process of building and supporting the necessary eCommerce store for training courses and the learning management system (LMS) alone can cost millions, never mind developing the courses themselves.

Avoid the hassle and expense; let us take care of everything.

We can create your very own, custom-branded eCommerce store accompanied by one of the most robust LMS applications on the market. Offer your customers more than 1,600 premium online safety training online courses, and 200 courses in Spanish, right from your custom-branded portal.

You will have access to advanced reporting features, alerts on sales, and notifications for approved/declined credit card transactions, as well as full access to and ownership of all customer data that goes through your private portal.

3 Easy Steps

In three easy steps, you can have a custom branded online store, offering over a thousand online safety courses, added directly on your own company website.

Step One

Browse our online e-course library and select the ones you want to offer through your website. Or, simply offer them all!

Step Two

Send us your company logo and a list of the webpage links your customers will need to navigate back to your website.

Step Three

Review the customized online portal we create for you. Once approved, we make it live so your customers can begin making purchases!

You focus on telling your customers about your great new service and selling online courses. We’ll take care of the portal setup, technical support, and system admin.

Your Complete Solution

A Private, Custom-Branded Portal
We provide you with a customized and private online portal that you can use to manage your customers. Then, your customers can use it to complete and manage their internal training, store and access training records, and much more. Branded portal elements help you build brand loyalty recognition.

eCommerce Store
Our turnkey solution means your customers can browse and purchase premium online safety courses and products from your company-branded online store – all without having to leave your own website. This integration of the store into your website makes for a seamless purchasing experience. To ensure secure credit card verification and processing, we use Moneris, a joint investment between RBC and BMO Financial Groups that has become one of North America’s largest processors of credit card payments. Your customers can feel safe when they purchase courses and products using their Visa, MasterCard, or American Express credit cards.

Automated Reporting
Every time a course is purchased through your website, you will receive an automated email notification. Additionally, you will receive detailed monthly reports that contain the following information:

Course title

User’s name

User’s contact information

Final score

Course completion date

User's feedback



Provide your clients with access to thousands of premium safety courses directly from your website

How does the online portal work?

When you sign up to resell courses, your portal is customized to work with the branding of your website. It contains links to key webpages on your site, such as your “Contact Us” page, which let your customers navigate back and forth between your portal and website with ease. Included in your portal is an online store filled with courses and products that your customers can browse and shop from. Once they’ve added their desired courses to their shopping cart, they simply need to enter their credit card information in the secure checkout screen to complete their purchase. Upon payment, they will receive an email receipt from our system that contains codes for each course purchased. These codes, which are accessible at any time through their online account, can be used by the customers themselves or given out to others to use.

Who has access to customer contact information?

Protecting personal information is something we take very seriously. As the course seller, you will receive the full name and contact information of the person who took the course. For auditing purposes, and to track the certificates issued, the Course Owner receives the user’s name, course completion date, and score — they do not receive any information that can be used to contact your customer. As the technical support providers for the system, we have access to the user’s information in order to provide assistance as needed. None of the information collected is used to contact users, meaning you can have peace of mind knowing that your customers will always be your customers.

How many sales can I expect from my online store?

The number of sales you see from your online store really depends on you and the effort you put into it. Some resellers do very little to promote their store, while others do quite a lot. Key considerations include the amount of website traffic you receive, as well as your Google ranking for key phrases, such as “Online Safety Training” or “Online First Aid”. Also consider how you set up your website, how much you market and promote your online courses to customers, and the nature of your industry. If people already visit your website to find safety training, the probability of increased sales improves dramatically.

Who provides certification for the training?

The course owners provide the certification for their training. For example, if your customer purchases the Hydraulic Safety Maintenance Level course, they will receive their certification from the Hydraulic Safety Authority of Canada. If they complete the Safe Rigging and Slinging course, they will be certified by Crane Safety. The wallet card or certificate of completion will be branded with the Course Owner’s logo, as they are the ones who are the recognized training provider. Your company’s name is then added to the certificate or wallet card to signify that you are an authorized distributor.

Are there Courses in Spanish Available on the Network?

Yes! The course list currently includes 200 courses that are fully in Spanish. As a Network Partner, you will be able to sell and distribute these training courses in Spanish straight from your own website.

The Benefits

Become a course reseller – benefits include:

  • Earn a commission on every sale
  • No ongoing fees
  • Access to a growing library of safety courses
  • Updates with new courses added to your site at no additional cost
  • Ability to reach customers worldwide
  • Promote your company on the Network Partners page of our website
  • Free exposure in The SafetyNET magazine
  • Inclusion in our fast-growing network of safety training providers


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