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Keep your team safer with more effective toolbox talks

According to Associated Builders and Contractors, total recordable incidents dropped 78 percent with the companies that held weekly toolbox talks versus the ones who held them monthly. This is no surprise, as they provide a space and time for:
  • Discussing recent incidents and ways to prevent them in the future
  • Keeping safety topics top of mind before a shift
  • Keeping workers informed about safety regulations changes
  • Improving the safety culture of your team
  • Training on critical safety topics

With the digital Toolbox Talk software, you can prepare your talks ahead of time by uploading all relevant information within the forms, adding important videos to share, and adding checklists for current company topics. You can also use the attendance widget to track which employees are present at each Toolbox Talk.

Toolbox Talk Software

Keep Records of Everyone Who Attends the Toolbox Talk

The Toolbox Talk digital form can be customized to include accountability measures, such as an attendance widget. This feature allows you and other site managers to keep complete attendance records for each Toolbox Talk.

The attendance widget can even capture worker signatures to verify on-site attendance in real time. One of the best parts of this widget, however, is that it lets supervisors quickly take attendance by simply scanning employee badges.

Recording attendance helps you keep your teams organized and ensures all your employees show up for every safety talk.

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Toolbox Talk software allows your company to give comprehensive, simple, and efficient daily briefings to your team.
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Help your safety performance

Online Toolbox meetings make vital daily information briefings easy and effective.

Every industry is different, and our software helps you create custom talks that perfectly fit your organization’s needs. Whether you are working in Oil & Gas, Construction, Transportation, Mining, or any other safety-focused industry, Toolbox Talk software can help you keep your team safe.

Online Toolbox Talk software saves time in preparation while also delivering high-quality presentations every time. It also gives you the option to administer tests that evaluate how much information was actually retained.

If you want to implement frequent safety meetings on a large scale, then an online solution is your most cost-effective option in terms of both time and money.

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Use Toolbox Talk Software to Keep Your Team Informed

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Toolbox Talk Software

Use SafeTapp for Your Toolbox Talks App


Your site managers will have access to their Toolbox Talk digital forms anytime, anywhere – even offline. The SafeTapp Mobile App now makes daily safety talks easier than ever before. Workers can download the app for free from the App Store and Google Play.

Simply enter your login information and start using SafeTapp’s innovative features today!

Toolbox Talk Software
Toolbox Talk Software

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Every Day Should Start with a Great Toolbox Talk

Daily safety talks are a great way to build and maintain an amazing safety culture