DOT Driver Compliance Software

Driver Compliance System

Manage all of your commercial driver training requirements

The Driver Management System makes administrative tasks easy, thanks to its direct integration with our learning management platform and the seamless communication between the Training Record Management System.

The BIStrainer system tracks all of the completed driver information, including:

  • driver’s license number
  • expiration date
  • medical certification
  • Hazmat endorsements
  • abstracts
  • licenses
  • work history
  • collision information
  • annual assessments
  • traffic violations
  • medical certifications
  • release forms
  • vehicle use agreements
  • and more

Monitor Driver Training and Certifications

The Driver Information Management System allows you to track a driver’s training and certification.

You can access leading driver training courses, including Hours of Service, Weights and Dimensions, Daily Trip Inspections, and Cargo Securement.

Classroom and online courses can be tracked and reviewed as each course is completed, giving you real-time updates on each driver’s compliance and permissions status.

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Driver Information System Key Features

BIStrainer is designed to help you build an incredible safety culture. BIStrainer’s features have been selected and created with workplace safety in mind – this has made BIStrainer the perfect fit for any company’s health and safety program.

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DOT Driver compliance software

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