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Recognize & Reward Your Employees With Ease

Remember how it feels when somebody congratulates you on a big anniversary or achievement?

Whether it’s for a completed project, birthday, work anniversary, or it’s simply to say thank you, being recognized by your company is an amazing feeling. With BIStrainer’s Employee Rewards Program, it only takes a few minutes to show employees how much you value and appreciate them. A company-wide rewards and recognition program is not just good for the individual employee being recognized; it benefits the entire company by:
  • Boosting productivity
  • Incentivizing exceptional work
  • Increasing workplace satisfaction and happiness
  • Standing out as one of the country’s top employers

For current BIS customers, implementing our rewards program is easy. Simply contact our team and for an extra $0.15 per user per month rewards will be activated and included in your comprehensive software package.

Recognize and Reward

Recognize your employees for all of their hard work. Quickly set up automatic point allocations to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays, and manually award points to congratulate employees on achieving significant milestones. Through rewards and recognition, you can show your team how much you care about them and confirm your status as a world-class employer.
Employee Birthdays
Work Anniversaries
Vacations and Trips
Dinner with the CEO
Movie Tickets
Gift Cards

Gifts and Rewards

Once employees accumulate a certain number of points, they can redeem them for rewards and gifts. With the customizable Product Catalog, you are in control of the gift options.

Demonstrate That You Are A World-Class Employer

With the Product Catalogue feature, the possibilities are only limited by your imagination!

Fully customizable
Add Rewards
Determine the points required to receive them
Insert images and descriptions of the prizes and rewards

The BIS Rewards Program is the perfect platform for consistently recognizing your employees. With the “Manage Points” feature, you can set up automatic point allocations in seconds. Add reoccurring automated point events for special days (like milestones and birthdays) or on specific days (like a holiday or company anniversary). The point events will continue until you deactivate them, meaning you can just set them and forget them.
Our Employee Reward Program also allows you to manually reward employees whenever they go above and beyond. This is done in either the “Rewards” section of the employee’s profile or by using the “Upload Bulk Points” feature, which is great for recognizing multiple employees at once. To use the bulk upload feature, simply download the “Point Upload Template,” fill in the required fields, and upload the completed form. Our system then takes care of the rest.Employees can redeem their points in the “Product Catalogue” for a variety of gifts and rewards. The product catalogue is customizable and easy to update. Simply add the reward, determine the points required to redeem it, and insert images and descriptions – then you are good to go. Common prizes include gift cards, movie tickets, company jackets, and even dinner with the CEO!

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Recognize & Reward Your Entire Team

Activate the employee rewards feature and take advantage of all the great features today!