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Online Orientations

Providing clarity for new employees & contractors

Effective site orientations give your new employees insight into your company culture, essential information on company policies and procedures, and a better understanding of their new role’s expectations. BIS Safety Software has helped create first-class training programs for companies across the globe, both big and small.

Over the years, we have developed innovative orientation software that helps you keep workers engaged by embedding interactive questions and activities directly into the course. We also added a feature for uploading historical training certificates that automatically sends them to a supervisor for approval, as well as a feature that allows drivers to easily import all of their information and documentation. Finally, we integrated digital forms so new employees can complete their onboarding paperwork as they work through their orientation course.

This entire process can then be virtually proctored, confirming that the right person completes the correct orientation.

Online Orientations

Create Online Orientations in Minutes using our Employee Onboarding Software

Easily Build Your Own Online Orientation

With the BIStrainer orientation and course building engine, you can make your course more dynamic with:




HTML5 Activities

You can even upload photos and videos of your work sites directly into your orientations using your mobile device.

Advantages of Online Employee Onboarding

Cost Effective

Everyone knows they need site orientations, but actually creating one can often be overwhelming. Add in the costs associated with hiring instructors, booking classrooms, organizing travel arrangements, printing materials, and grading exams, and it suddenly becomes much harder to see the value of a high-quality orientation.

Moving your orientation online not only saves you money, by eliminating the costs mentioned above, it also saves you time. With online orientations, you no longer need to spend time developing individual training sessions; instead, you can train hundreds of new hires in just a few clicks. Online orientations also significantly reduce the time needed to onboard new hires and have been found to improve employee engagement and reduce staff turnover rates, making them a solid long-term investment.


Online training eliminates the limitations of classroom sizes and time slots, meaning employees can learn at their own pace and on their own time. Whether it’s on-site, at home, or on the go, online orientations give employees the flexibility to train wherever and whenever they want. They can even be combined with in-class or in-field practical training for a truly immersive, blended training experience.


A confident employee is a successful employee. It’s no secret that a worker who feels comfortable and confident on-site is going to be safer and produce higher quality work than a worker who feels unsure and/or insecure about their role. You can help your employees build up this crucial confidence through a high-quality orientation that fully prepares them for the job, long before they even set foot on a worksite.

Online orientations introduce new employees to your company culture, making them feel comfortable and supported within your organization. Plus, research shows that a positive onboarding experience correlates with higher employee retention. A high-quality onboarding program benefits not only your workers, but your organization as a whole!


Classroom-style orientations make it difficult to deliver consistent onboarding experiences for every employee. With in-class orientations, instructors may gloss over certain topics and spend too much time on others, meaning their information is inconsistent from class to class and instructor to instructor. With an online orientation, however, your training remains consistent each time it’s taken. This means new employees will all arrive on-site with the same information and resources, no matter where or when they completed their training.


Employee Onboarding Orientation – Sample

We are proud to help industry leaders create and administer high-quality orientations.

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A new employee fresh out of school and a seasoned veteran with decades of real-world experience have drastically different learning needs, and a one-size-fits-all training approach simply cannot accommodate them both. To be effective, companies need to implement adaptive learning that provides high-level updates, key information, and new knowledge to experienced workers while also providing new workers with the in-depth information and background knowledge they need to get up-to-speed. Many companies are finding the solution in online training with sophisticated employee onboarding software. Online training is not only incredibly adaptive to the needs of learners, it’s also easily accessible on mobile devices and computers alike, making it an engaging and effective approach to employee onboarding.

How We Can Help

BIStrainer is designed to help you build an incredible culture of safety. BIStrainer’s features have been selected and developed with workplace safety in mind – making BIStrainer the perfect fit for any company’s health and safety program.

Advanced Technology

Document Management Integration

With new hires comes paperwork, and with paperwork come administrative costs. Cut down those costs with our Document Uploader feature.

Online Orientations
Our integrated document management technology makes it possible for new hires to upload all of their required documentation directly into the course during their online orientation. Using simple drag-and-drop technology, employees can upload new hire forms, safety policy sign-offs, and any other required paperwork directly into their profile. After they upload their completed and signed documentation, it is moved directly into their secure profiles so supervisors or managers can access them upon completion of the orientation.

This simple feature not only saves a huge amount of administrative time, but it also streamlines the onboarding process and reduces paper waste.

Advanced Technology

Virtual Proctoring

To ensure that the employee onboarding orientation and testing are completed by the right person, our system offers virtual proctoring services. Virtual proctoring uses webcams to verify employee identities by comparing the participant to their photo ID. Throughout the course, the software ensures the same employee completes the orientation from beginning to end. Virtual proctoring also ensures there are no attempts to cheat the system, and if there are, you spot unethical workers before they cause problems on-site. Lastly, virtual proctoring makes sure that employees are paying attention to the course in front of them.
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Online Orientations

Drone (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) Footage

Want to take your orientation to the next level? Use local licensed drone (UAV) operators to create a visually stunning orientation that provides a peek into your company. UAVs can capture mobile equipment in action, provide aerial views of your sites, and take employees on a virtual tour through your facilities. With drone footage, your employees can get acquainted with the job before they even arrive.

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Online Orientation Tips

The following tips will help you create an online orientation program that builds a strong foundation for successful, long-term working relationships between your company and new employees.


The first section of your orientation should be a thorough introduction to your company, the key people within it, and the job that lies ahead. The introduction should also include information about relevant regulations, policies, and procedures, and should also lay out your employee expectations.

Set Learning Goals

Set goals for the orientation and make them clear. State the learning objectives of each section at the beginning, and then restate them at the end. Tests should cover the topics mentioned in the learning objectives to ensure that each employee has read and retained the information. At the end, set action-oriented goals for employees that are related to the next phase of training.

Direct Access to Online Resources

In your orientation, include all essential links and files, especially if you are asking participants to review them. Doing this gives your new hires immediate access to important information, which they can later reference from anywhere they can access their profile – including their mobile devices.

Keep it Simple

Your employees will feel overwhelmed just from being in a new job. Orientation is a critical part to onboarding, so you must make your training concise, clear, and straightforward. Adding interactive elements and multimedia to the course will keep your employees engaged and attentive.

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