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Streamline every facet of your in-class training

Tracking hundreds of classroom training courses, instructors, and registrations has never been this easy. Manage everything from:

  • Bookings: Eliminate double booking your classrooms, safety instructors, and even participants.
  • Instructors: Reduce administrative work by allowing instructors to register and manage their own courses.
  • Courses: Use drag-and-drop functionality to schedule hundreds of classroom courses in minutes.
  • Locations: Make booking and management a breeze by creating profiles for each classroom location.

Feature Overview


Every classroom’s profile allows you to set its location, instructors, time and time zone, and even add notes and a list of equipment available for students and instructors.


The classroom calendar software allows you to input and view instructor credentials including; résumés, certificates, teaching experience, and more!


Classroom courses can be equipped with interactive materials and prerequisites. You can also link classroom training to online courses, competency assessments, and certificates of completion.


Registration can link from your website, or you can register students with a simple Excel upload. Wait-list functionality keeps courses full while ensuring students don’t miss out if a seat opens up.

Course Assets

Whether your classroom inventory includes tablets and computers, documents and workbooks, or things like TVs and demo material, you can manage it all with ease.

Instructor Dashboard

Instructors have complete control over what displays on the main screen or what materials they send to students’ devices, and it’s all done with simple drag and drop functionality.

Google Maps API

The classroom calendar software has built-in Google integration, which means students can see the exact location of the classroom and get easy-to-follow directions.


With built-in automated billing and invoicing, you can create custom payment terms and tax requirements. You can even add your own instructions to each invoice.

Classroom Management

Classroom Management Software

For Course Administrators
With our classroom calendar system, your course administrators can:

  • Reserve classroom space
  • Add instructors to specific courses
  • Manage course materials
  • Control minimum and maximum enrollment for each course
  • Enroll students in the safety courses they need

For Students
Students can search and view upcoming courses in the calendar display, which makes it simple to choose the courses and dates that work best for their schedule. Students can also add themselves to waitlists and get an automated notification if a spot opens in a course they need. The classroom calendar software is designed to send automated enrollment confirmation emails as well as receipts and invoices for accounting.
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Course Management

Create course titles, IDs, and summaries to make it easier to find and manage the exact course you need.
Within each course’s profile you can host a list of qualified teachers, set pricing, enrollment maximums and minimums, course length, and when and where it will take place. You can also add videos and photos to display in the course information popup that appears when the course is selected.

Rescheduling Courses
Rescheduling a course is as easy as dragging it from one date to another. The system has automated notifications built right in, so if there is a change to a course, the instructor and students are instantly sent the new information.

Training Certificates
When a student successfully completes an in-person training course, BIStrainer automatically generates and sends them a certificate of completion. You can customize these certificates for your company and courses. If you use BIStrainer’s Training Record Management System, the training record will also automatically update for each user’s profile.

Location Management

Keep track of available classrooms and equipment.
With classroom profiles, important location-specific information is only a click away for instructors and students. Each classroom can have a unique class capacity, emergency exit plans, muster points, parking instructions, washroom locations, and available equipment like projectors or practice equipment. Once a classroom profile is created, you can update it at any time.

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Instructor Management

Instructor profiles allow you to create easy references for information like work and field experience, classroom hours, résumés, and more. And it’s all saved in one place.
For Course Administrators
When you create courses, you can add instructors to the course to prevent them from being double booked on a specific date and time. The instructor will get an automated message to confirm their availability. This prevents instructors from being added to a course without their knowledge or being booked for a time they cannot work.
For Instructors
Each instructor can log into the BIStrainer software and view a complete list of the courses they are assigned to teach. They can also view pending confirmations and accept or turn down courses. To make things even easier for them, they can block off days to avoid being booked for courses on days when they are unavailable. Instructors also have access to the Instructor Dashboard to manage their course content.
Content Management

Instructor Dashboard

The Instructor Dashboard allows instructors to be 100% prepared for their classroom training courses. Instructors can upload all course material to the dashboard well before they teach the course.

During the classroom course, instructors can use the dashboard to drag and drop PowerPoints, exams, and other material to instantly display on the shared TV or computer screen for all students, or they can drag and drop material to the “Student Access” section to send it to the individual computer or tablet of every student in the class. This feature is perfect for group work or individual quizzes.

Instructors can also review quiz results in real time and see the average score of each question. This feature allows instructors to focus more time on the course content the participants found most challenging.

Drag and Drop Functionality
View Live Quiz Results & Participation
Share Material with Students
Upload Videos and PowerPoints
Online Classroom Calendar
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