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Digital Pre-Trip Inspections

Be prepared for audits and never misplace a pre-trip inspection again.

Companies that operate commercial vehicles are required by state and federal legislation to implement a written maintenance program, with daily trip inspections being a critical element of that program.

Inspections provide drivers the opportunity to identify hazards before trips even begin, reducing the risk of workplace accidents and incidents. Although a consistent pre-trip inspection schedule has benefits like combating driver complacency, it can also be a burden. The process can feel like a laborious chore, and paper inspections can easily get lost or misplaced, leading to legal ramifications.

Pre-trip inspection software and digital forms give your team the ability to quickly open an inspection document, complete it, provide a digital signature, and securely save it for reviews and audits.

Digital Inspections

With digital CDL pre-trip inspection forms, many of the inefficiencies encountered during the inspection process can be eliminated. Our fully integrated digital form builder allows you to easily digitize your inspection forms so drivers can ditch the clipboards and complete forms directly on their tablets or smartphones. Here’s how you create a digital form:

Customize the Form

Choose from pre-made pre-trip inspection templates, or fully design a custom form to satisfy your needs. Add form elements such as Likert scales, date and time stamps, pictures/videos, open text fields, and much more. With these elements, you can get as much detail as you want on key items like the battery, engine, safety equipment, brakes, etc. Really, the options are endless.

Want to take your form to the next level? Include video instructions and electronic signature fields, and ask for videos from the drivers if any hazards are identified during the inspection.

Automate the Form

Once a form is created, you can assign it to individual workers or to a group of people by company role or location. You can also assign pre-inspection forms to particular pieces of equipment (and to those who operate them).

After you assign the form, the software’s automatic notifications ensure that workers receive and complete their pre-trip inspections according to the schedule you create. The software can even send a worker a text, allowing them to instantly open and complete the required form.

Track the Data

Completed inspection forms collect a wealth of data that can help you improve your business and its safety program. Once a worker submits a form, that data is instantly added to the software’s reports. Since the system is online, you can access a copy of any report whenever you need it. Reports you see on your dashboard are available in Excel and CSV formats, and they can include information such as:

  • Truck number
  • Trailer number
  • Odometer reading
  • Items that pass inspection
  • Items that might require or do require immediate attention

All Devices Access

Paperless Records

Since the BIStrainer system’s pre-trip inspection forms and reporting are connected, you avoid the limitations of paper records.

Paperless reporting allows for instant tracking of your company’s essential pre-trip inspections. With the click of a button, you can monitor everything from who is completing inspections to the most common equipment malfunctions discovered during the inspections.
Pre-Trip Inspection Software

Data Loss

When you use paper records, it can be difficult to quickly find specific documents and inspection details. Our software solution tracks all of your data and stores it in an easily accessible place, backing it up onto a secure cloud so critical information will never be lost.

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The form builder is set up to send automatic notifications to the right people at the right time. Assign forms to specific workers based on role or location, and give fleet supervisors back at the shop the ability to know the exact condition of their vehicles in real-time.

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Online Training

The Pre-Trip Inspection online course instructs workers to perform vehicle inspections that comply with legislated standards. Purchase this course, and your drivers can complete the training right on their phones.

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