Employee Competency
Assessment Software

Competency Assessment Software

Ensure Your Employees are Trained and Competent

In high-risk environments, it is critical to use a competency assessment to ensure that employees are competent in safety skills and practices.

Competency Assessments can help your company:
  • Reduce overall company risk
  • Improve efficiency
  • Verify employee job fit
  • Enhance product and service quality

A routine competency assessment can also highlight employee weaknesses or strengths, allowing managers to tailor training and development to individual employee needs.

In the end, a competent workforce means that you have more productive and satisfied employees, which then translates into better products and services for your end-consumer.


Engaged Employees Have Fewer Accidents

Implementing proper competency validation within your organization protects every employee in high-risk situations, as well as everyone else in the area. When your team demonstrates high levels of competency, your company experiences safer work environments, reduced property damage, and fewer fines.

Competency evaluations are a valuable tool for engaging and investing in your people. Research has shown that employees who feel valued at work are involved in 70% fewer workplace incidents.

With BIStrainer competency validation software, employees will use an interactive, user-friendly system to complete their competency assessments and view their results.

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Interactive features
Fewer Accidents Among Engaged Employees

Safety Protections

Assess every worker on the ability to use safety equipment.

Fall Protection


Fire Extinguishers

Hazardous Materials

First Aid Equipment

Eye protection


Assess your employees’ competency before they operate company equipment.


Driver Competency

Scissor & Aerial Lifts


Platform Trucks


Start Evaluating Worker Competency with Online Competency Assessments Today!

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Competency Assessment Software

Complete a Competency Assessment Anytime, Anywhere App

Give your employees the ability to conduct assessments anytime, anywhere – even when they are working offline.

Competency evaluations are easier than ever with the SafeTapp Mobile App, available for free from the App Store and Google Play.

Simply download the app to your tablet or smartphone, enter your BIStrainer login information, and begin enjoying the SafeTapp App’s exciting new features.

Competency Assessment Software
Competency Assessment Software

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Evaluate Worker Competency Today

Training is just the first step in building a strong safety culture. You must evaluate employee competency to keep workplace accidents and incidents to a minimum.