Blended Learning

Blended Learning

Online + Classroom Training

Online training and Classroom training have their own distinct advantages. In a classroom, instructors can engage the students around individual experiences. Online training can reach remote students that don’t have the option to visit a classroom, you can offer training at any time of the day or night.

When you combine the strengths of classroom training and online trining, it opens up a new world of possibilities.

By using a blended method, organizations can take advantage of the flexibility and convenience of online training while still retaining the benefits of the face-to-face classroom experience.

Blended Learning

Blended learning can create a positive impact at all levels of an organization, including:
  • For the leaders of an organization, blended learning is a responsive, cost-effective means of training the entire company
  • For supervisors, blended learning is a practical method of ensuring consistency in content delivery in addition to facilitating hands-on classroom training
  • For workers, blended learning offers flexibility in timing and can be adapted to the individual’s learning style and their existing knowledge base

BISTrainer seamlessly

It integrates online theory with classroom training by allowing you to:

Maintain Records

Manage and maintain every individual’s classroom and online training records through our centrally integrated training record management system.

Set Training Requirements

Set training requirements for both online and classroom learning that is specific to an individual’s company role and location.

Schedule and Organize Classroom Training

Create training events, reserve classrooms, assign instructors, and enroll participants while easily managing all the details in our classroom calendar.

Create and Deliver Online Content

Create your own online courses based on specific company needs while gaining access to a central course library developed by leading subject-matter experts across the country.

BIS Safety Software

Create Custom Forms

Develop customized online forms for a variety of applications, including evaluations and performance reviews.

Implementing Blended Learning

Although the benefits of blended learning are clear, some organizations do encounter challenges while trying to implement a blended program. Finding the right blend of online and classroom learning to take advantage of the strengths of each environment can take time.

One of the biggest challenges often lies in identifying the best technology that combines the online experience with that of the classroom. A system built from the ground up accommodates blended learning more effectively than adapting a legacy program to suit a company’s changing needs.

Advanced Functionality

Our cutting-edge, all-in-one safety solution offers the following advanced features to support blended learning programs:

Some of the Great Companies Who Use the BIStrainer System

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Blended Learning Helps you Increase Productivity

BIStrainer’s Blended learning improves the safety culture of your organization and expands the educational reach of your health and safety program. Make the best of both worlds. Take advantage of our software solution and make blended learning work for you and your organization.