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SafeTapp – Secure Training Record Storage and Offline Forms

Your personal safety training and compliance app.

SafeTapp supports your most important health and safety objectives in one convenient environment, health, and safety app. You can access a variety of safety tools from your phone, including:
  • training certificates
  • company policies and procedures
  • Digital safety forms
  • and more

These important documents are securely stored in this personal digital wallet and available to download from any smartphone or tablet. Using SafeTapp you can also access equipment profiles, which means you can:
  • schedule maintenance
  • fill out digital inspections
  • complete reports
  • change the operational status
  • and more


Your phone is on you at all times, and now your training certificates can be too, thanks to SafeTapp.
Storing physical copies of your paperwork and records is not only inconvenient; it wastes space, time, and money. SafeTapp removes this bulk from your wallets and cabinets, and pulls up the file you want to see with the tap of your finger. If you continue to receive paper copies of important certificates, records, or tickets, you can simply upload them into the SafeTapp app by snapping a photo in the Certificate Uploader. Once you add your photo, the app will prompt you to fill out the details of the file and then store it securely with the rest of your files.

Synchronize Records

Track all of your records in a single place! SafeTapp synchronizes with BISTrainer to keep all of your training records and certificates up-to-date. As records are validated, verified, or expiring in BISTrainer, those records will be updated in SafeTapp, too.
To get a closer look at a specific certificate, tap its QR code and see if it has been verified, is in the process of verification, is expiring soon, or has already expired.

Digital Verification

Using QR code technology, you can verify an employee’s records in seconds. When you scan the QR code on a ticket, SafeTapp instantly shows you the status of that record, including the certificate number, completion date, expiration date, pass/fail status, and ID verification status. Additionally, you can add the QR codes to employee badges, allowing you to see their records instantly.
If you cannot readily access a QR code, you still have the ability to verify records manually. Use either the certification number or user ID to pull up a complete list of the employee’s training, then click into a specific record to see more information or to download a copy of a certificate.

Special Features

Use SafeTapp to access a wide range of safety tools from your phone including all your training certificates, safety forms, company policies and procedures, and more!

Digital Folders

The BISTrainer Digital Folder System gives you and your employees access to important company policies, lockout procedures, and equipment manuals. You can upload important documents into our safety software application in formats like PDF, Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, and more – giving your employees access anywhere, at any time.

Digital Safety Forms

While connected to the internet you can download forms and continue to edit them even when using the app offline. Digital forms are designed for use in the field, making it simple to complete paperwork such as incident investigations, hazard assessments, daily toolbox talks, competency validations, and other forms you may use. While filling out the digital forms, you can even capture photos and videos, on and offline.



Software in Action

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Store Training Records, Complete Forms, and Manage Equipment

Size – 43 MB,

Category – Education,

Compatibility – Requires iOS 13 or later, Android 8 or later,

Languages – English,

Age Rating – 9+,

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Price – Free

SafeTapp App
SafeTapp App
SafeTapp App
SafeTapp App

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