Corporate Training Accounts

Corporate Training Accounts

Sign up for an Corporate Training Account to get on-demand access to every SafetyNET course

The first step in creating an Corporate Training Account is setting up your private portal, which is customized to mirror your company’s website branding and colors. The portal then allows you to effortlessly create accounts for your employees and assign safety training courses without the need to purchase seats ahead of time. The best part about this account is that you only pay for the courses that your employees complete.
Benefits of a Corporate Training Account include:

• Summarized monthly billing
• On-demand access to the entire library
• Excel spreadsheet reporting tools
• Course completion and expiration alerts
• Use of the Training Matrix
• Advanced training search technology
• Access to the Request Course technology

• Offline training record storage using SafeTapp
• Recommended and required training mapping
• Certificate verification technology with QR Codes

A Corporate Training Account provides you with access to unlimited Excel spreadsheet reports, course completion notifications, expiring course alerts, and the ability to automatically assign new training requirements if an existing course is about to expire. Plus, you can integrate this system with most payroll systems to keep your employee list up-to-date.

Access to Hundreds of Courses

It is expensive to build and consistently update your own library of safety training courses. Instead, get access to high-quality courses created by leading safety training companies. With hundreds of courses readily available, a Corporate Training Account will save you significant time, money, and energy.

Onboard New Employees Easily

The onboarding process for new employees takes time and extensive planning. By using a Corporate Training Account, you can easily assign required training courses to new employees. Online courses make it easy for employees to complete training anywhere, and managers can ensure that employees are prepared for work sites before they arrive.

Centralized Training Management

A Corporate Training Account gives you one place to assign, manage, and track training plans for the whole organization. Employees can access company training, internal surveys, and exams while managers use the powerful reporting dashboard to view employee exam results and course certificates, as well as details about their course completions.

All Devices Access

Access the Course Library on any Device

Only pay for the courses your employees complete

Corporate Training Accounts

Providing your team with premium safety training has never been easier! You will have access to thousands of online safety training programs in multiple languages. Employees can purchase and complete courses from a computer, tablet, or mobile device.
The best part is that you only pay for the courses you use. If your workers only need WHMIS or Ground Disturbance, then you only pay for those courses.In addition to on-demand access, eSafety Corporate Training Accounts also have the ability to sign up for bundles. For example, a package of 40, 80, 100, or 200 courses with unlimited access may only cost a few dollars per person per month.

Three Quick Steps

Set Up a Corporate Training Account

Set Up a New Account

You provide your company’s name and address, a list of people who require admin accounts, and your web address to customize your private portal with your website branding.

Select Courses

Browse through the comprehensive list of The SafetyNET courses and let us know which courses you want to assign to your employees.

Assign Training

Upload a list of all of your employees and decide which employees receive which courses. Since admins are the only ones with the ability to purchase and assign, you will only be charged for the courses your employees take!

Course List

There are hundreds of courses available on The SafetyNET, developed by leading safety training providers from across the U.S. and Canada. This large course library means you can access training from a variety of categories, including driver training, equipment fundamentals, electrical safety, general awareness, and many more. To view our full course list, click the button below.

Course List


There is a one-time fee to create your custom-branded portal and set up your administrative accounts. Once the setup is complete, you can create accounts for your employees and grant them access to any course from The SafetyNET library. You will receive a monthly invoice and accompanying statement that indicates which courses were completed in that month, who completed them, and when.

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