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Safety Management System

Managing your safety program should be this simple.

Administer, manage, track and view robust reports on the most critical parts of your company’s safety program.

The BIStrainer Safety Management System is the one software system that gives you access to digital forms to perform your field level hazard assessments, worksite inspections, incident reporting and management. Plus, you can store your safety and HR documents securely on the BIStrainer cloud which means you have access to your forms and reports wherever you need them.

Spend less time keeping track of paper documents and more time getting the job done.

The BIStrainer safety management software is trusted by over one million users and is designed for companies with serious safety requirements. If you work in the construction, mining, energy, or transportation industries this safety management system can help your company stay safer than ever.

Digital Forms

Every year, companies have their staff fill out thousands of paper forms, leading to issues with lost forms, physical storage, faxing, and paying for data entry to get the forms online. It is time to drop your administrative costs and streamline your safety program – using digital forms can drastically reduce administrative work and cost.

The customizable Digital Safety Forms and assessments software is an advanced form builder that incorporates innovative drag-and-drop technology, allowing companies to build and administer thousands of forms online. Each form can include checkboxes, dropdown lists, Likert scales, date and time stamps, as well as open text fields and electronic signatures. You can even add images and videos to the forms to provide additional information to those completing them.

With customizable digital safety forms, your company can used the advanced form builder to convert all of your most critical safety paperwork into mobile-friendly digital forms that can be taken and filled out virtually anywhere you go.

As your team completes the forms, they can upload images, notes, and even videos directly from their computer or mobile device. Forms can be viewed online as well as printed in a .pdf format. When you have a stable internet connection, the BIStrainer system will upload and track the form data with robust reporting dashboards. You can also export your data into Excel-compatible content for easy analysis and reporting.

Equipment & Asset Management Software

Maintain and monitor your company’s most important equipment and assets.

Answer the most important questions about your assets and equipment. Monitor the condition of equipment, the dates of inspections, maintenance, and so much more using a computer, tablet, or phone.

With the innovative BIStrainer Equipment Management software, an almost endless amount of information can be viewed. Start tracking things like:

✔ Mileage
✔ Hours of use
✔ Qualified Employees
✔ Maintenance Requirements
✔ Advanced Reports
✔ And More

Digital Folders

Secure Electronic Document Management System

Use BIStrainer’s secure cloud to upload digital forms, pdfs, equipment manuals, and more into digital folders similar to your computer’s other folders. Having your safety and HR folders on the cloud means your entire team can access the same files and documents anywhere they can connect to the internet.

After you upload your documents and digital forms, the digital folder tool provides easy access to company documents, as well as providing reports on data from forms and who has signed off on which forms. You can even receive automated expiry alerts and reassignment.

With the Digital Folders, features include:

  • Secure remote access
  • Ability to sign stored forms on a mobile device
  • Mobile compatibility
  • Ability to create form workflows

Track Everything

Reporting & Notifications

Review Crucial Safety Data

Take the most important data from your inspections, audits, forms, equipment, and put it into easy to read reporting dashboards. The BIStrainer system will do just that. Help your team plan for a safer work environment by giving them all the visual and excel reports they could need.

Within BIStrainer you have access to online report dashboards and can quickly set up automated notifications for topics such as:

  • Analysis and notifications about forms or documents about to expire
  • The number of incidents occurring throughout your company
  • Detailed reports for each of your office and worksite locations
  • Risk analysis based on digital Hazard Assessments and Site Audits
  • And Much More
    Want to create your own data visualizations? No problem. Download all of your data in spreadsheet or Excel specific formats so you can continue reviewing the information even when you are offline.

Your Safety Management System – Anywhere App


Support your health & safety management system with one convenient safety app.
With SafeTapp you can access:

  • Digital Safety Forms
  • Digital Folders
  • the Equipment & Asset Manager
  • Employee Records
  • ID Badges
  • and more

Download and store your training certificates on any smart phone or tablet.

Safety Management System
Safety Management System

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