Anyone who has administered a fleet of heavy equipment or commercial vehicles will agree that fleet management can be challenging. Having a good maintenance program is important to keep your equipment in optimal working conditions, as is a system for organizing and keeping track of your documents. But what about managing the information about your drivers and operators? How are you managing the licenses and certifications? This task can be overwhelming, but with a well-thought-out Driver Management Software System, handling the administration of your drivers can be stress-free. Features include:

  • Drivers Licence
  • Drivers Abstracts
  • Medical Records
  • Training Certificates
  • Accident Reports
  • Traffic Violations

If you work with a large company in a field like construction or logistics, you may have a large number of drivers working with you. Keeping track of every single document and safety certification can be a daunting task, especially if you are still using printed documents. Our Driver Management Software makes handling all this information much faster, much simpler, and much more stress-free.

At BIS Safety Software, we are aware of the responsibilities that come with fleet management and employee tracking. For this reason, we have updated our Driver Management Software with new features and interface improvements that make your job easier.

New and Improved the BIS Driver Management Software

We are constantly improving our Driver Management Software with feedback from our customers. Our driver management software makes documentation and training much simpler. Drivers (and supervisors) can access any file within seconds from their smartphone. The software is also fully connected with BIStrainer, our LMS solution, which means you can easily manage courses and training certificates.

  • The BIS Driver Management Software can handle information such as license numbers, expiration dates, medical information, and even HAZMAT endorsements.
  • Thanks to this flexibility, the software can be used in any industry that involves heavy equipment operators or commercial truck drivers.

A license expiration will never catch you by surprise when using our driver management software, since it sends automatic reminders for drivers 90 days in advance. These notifications are also sent to supervisors and managers and can be customized to fit your workflow.

Manage Driver Information With Ease Using
Our Software

Our driver management software has been designed to manage any type of driver information while being compatible with multiple file formats. Regardless of your business sector, our software can be used to create detailed driver profiles that capture the necessary information, including:

  • Government-issued driver abstracts
  • Driver licenses, including their expiration dates
  • Individual work history
  • Medical certificates
  • Driver risk profiles: collision and traffic violation records
  • Periodic assessment results
  • Vehicle use agreements
Driver management software on Desktop and tablet

The BIS Driver Management Software can receive information in Word, Excel, or PDF format, and can include JPG or PNG images as well. System administrators can also use the platform to generate reports automatically, based on specific and customizable criteria. Accurate reporting will help keep of all your drivers and their licenses and certifications and provide updates on what training has been delivered, and what is still needed.

Improve Your Driver Training and Certification Program

BIStrainer includes the driver management software as a built-in feature, which means that clients who are currently using the platform already have access. You can create customized training programs for all drivers, and courses can be assigned automatically with the training matrix function. For example, if your company recently hired commercial truck drivers, the platform could assign training courses to cover topics like Daily Pre-Trip Inspections and Hours of Service Regulations.

If any of the courses taken by your drivers have certificates of completion, these are automatically sent to the driver management software. The expiration dates of these certificates can also be tracked, just like with driver licenses, and you will also get automatic reminders.

Try our Driver Management System

If you manage a fleet of heavy equipment or commercial vehicles, our Driver Management System is the perfect tool to help you stay organized. Stay current with driver licensing and certification, training requirements, and document storage. And thanks to our BIStrainer course integration, the software can also improve driver training programs, regardless of your business sector. Improve your workflow and driver management today!