What is COR™?

The COR™ program

A Certificate of Recognition (COR™) is awarded to Canadian companies by certified health and safety organizations who demonstrate that their health and safety systems go above and beyond the legal requirements of the Workers Compensation Act and Occupational Health and Safety Regulation. Each territory and province in Canada manages the COR™ program with their certifying associations, so specific application and maintenance requirements vary slightly across the country.

COR™ continues to gain importance and prominence in Canada. While COR™ is currently voluntary, more and more municipalities award certain contracts to COR™ companies exclusively. Furthermore, companies in the COR™ program gain a competitive edge with public and private contracts because of the health and safety excellence that COR™ demonstrates.

Why Companies Need COR™

There are dozens of benefits to achieving COR™, but the biggest ones are:
  • Qualify for more public and private contracts
  • Higher employee morale and satisfaction from a safer work environment
  • The perception of a safer work environment to clients, prospective employees, and investors
  • Reduced costs associated with workplace incidents, accidents, and injuries
  • More time from efficient health and safety management practices

What is included in the COR™ program?

COR™ would not be nearly as prestigious if it were easy to obtain. The entire COR™ program can take a year or more, so companies should get the process started as soon as possible. The basic steps of COR™ are:
  • Apply to a participating organization in the correct territory or province.
  • Attend required COR™ courses.
  • Create and implement a health and safety management system.
  • Pass an internal audit, which is conducted by the full-time employee who attended COR™ courses.
  • Pass an external audit, which is arranged by the certifying association.
  • Receive a COR™ Letter of Good Standing. If a company does not pass an audit, it can make the necessary adjustments and conduct additional audits until certification is achieved.
COR™ certification is valid for three years from the date of issuance. Compliance is upheld with an internal audit in years one and two, and with an external audit in the last year. Once the third year expires, a company must re-apply from the beginning.

What is included in the COR™ audits?

Internal and external audits include documentation review, observations, and interviews. Specific criteria for audits are found with each certifying association, but generally, the audit looks at:

BIS Training Helps Companies Achieve and Maintain COR™

BIS Training health and safety management software helps companies track training and verify required competencies, providing confirmation that all required training topics are covered. Because the system includes the COR™ requirements, managers can easily pull and analyze information as needed or for scheduled audits.

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