Orientations Moved Online!

Online orientations are an easy way to provide your new hires with all the information and tools they need to become successful. Even the most talented professionals must adapt to a new job before they can perform at their best. A new hire onboarding program makes this process simpler for new employees while making them feel welcome and motivated. Onboarding online orientations are equally important for employees who are hired remotely and work from home, something that is now common.

A study by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) found that a good onboarding experience makes 69% of employees more likely to continue with a company after three years. The study also found that new employees are 50% more productive with an adequate onboarding program.

  • The SHRM found that the average cost to fill a job position is US$4,129, and the process takes 42 days on average.
  • For this reason, onboarding orientations can be considered an investment: they improve talent retention, and new employees become productive in less time.

At first, online new hire orientations may be a challenge for HR departments who are used to conventional hiring. However, there are many video conferencing and file-sharing tools to simplify the process. With effective onboarding, employees can fully assume their responsibilities in less time, while becoming part of a team. Here are 5 great reasons to create online orientations for new hires.

1) Motivates an Employee

The global real estate firm Jones Lang LaSalle has a useful rule of thumb to estimate building operation costs. Each year, companies can expect to spend $3/sq.ft. in utility services, $30/sq.ft. in rent, and $300/sq.ft. in salaries. When companies want to improve their productivity, they tend to focus on reducing utility bills and real estate costs. However, payroll is a much higher expense, and motivated employees provide a higher return on their salary.

An onboarding program should motivate new employees, highlighting the importance of their job for the company. Online new hire orientations should cover the company vision and mission, which provide a sense of direction. When new employees are contributing to a cause they believe in, they will be motivated to give their best effort.

2) Shares Important Information with Employees

The new hire onboarding process should make employees feel welcome and motivated. However, they must also be provided with the information and tools necessary to meet their responsibilities. Companies must provide general documents, such as the employee handbook, work contract, and organizational policy.

The modern business world has become digital, and most job positions involve software or applications. Before a new employee can start working, the IT department must provide login credentials and grant access to all the files and software needed. This step should be completed beforehand since onboarding orientations can be interrupted by downloads and installations.

3) Reduces Onboarding Time

“Orientation” and “onboarding” are closely related terms, but their specific meanings are different.

orientation on a tablet
  • Orientation is the initial process, where employees are introduced to their job and the company while getting to know their coworkers.
  • Onboarding is a longer process, which includes the adaptation time needed by new employees to fully assume their responsibilities.
  • The new hire onboarding process starts with orientation.

Reducing the onboarding time is beneficial for companies, and online new hire orientations contribute to this goal. Companies must be aware that even the most talented employees need an adaptation time when recently hired. However, they can provide support to make the process simpler and faster.

4) Makes an Employee Feel Welcome

The importance of making new employees feel welcome cannot be stressed enough. LinkedIn conducted a survey with 3,000 professionals, and 70% answered they would quit a company with poor workplace culture, even if the firm is an industry leader. Also, 71% of participants would accept a lower salary to work for an organization that shares their values. 

Companies should communicate their values and culture during the onboarding process while making new employees feel welcome. The importance of the first impression goes both ways when companies hire new talent.

5) Improves Employee Retention

As mentioned by the Society for Human Resource Management, hiring a new employee involves time and costs. New hire onboarding can help companies improve their retention while motivating new employees and improving their productivity.

When job responsibilities are presented clearly, and employees encounter a great organizational culture, they are more likely to stay in the long run. Team building and networking opportunities are also important, since they help new employees get along with their coworkers.


Online new hire orientations provide employees with key information and resources for their job while helping them become part of the team. Companies also benefit from this process, since it helps them improve retention and productivity. The onboarding process is also an excellent chance to introduce the organizational culture, and give employees assurance that they are in the right job.

Onboarding orientations cover both the human and technical aspects of joining a company. Making new employees feel motivated and welcome is important, but the process also involves paperwork and specific information for the job position. Depending on the job, the orientation may also introduce the new employee to company apps and specific equipment. By creating your new hire orientations online, you can ensure that the onboarding process is smooth and your employees will be excited to start their new position!