Moving Your Equipment Management Online

The evolution and proliferation of computers and online systems are helping to transform all sorts of industries around the world, including oil & gas, transportation, and construction. The management of assets and equipment is becoming ever more efficient through the use of specialized systems. If your company is still using spreadsheets along with paper forms for its equipment management, then you could benefit significantly from switching to an online option. Here we outline 3 benefits of employing the use of equipment management software.

1. You Can Streamline Your Equipment Management by Automating the Process

Automation is a key benefit of integrating an asset management system into your equipment management process. Digital forms can be sent out automatically to various employees to keep them updated on the location and status of relevant equipment. For example, if daily inspections are part of a worker’s responsibilities, an inspection form can be scheduled to appear in their account at the beginning of each shift.

Utilizing automation for maintenance reminders, incidents, location updates, and inspection forms – to name a few – will save your employees vast amounts of time that would ordinarily have been spent manually carrying out such processes. It will also ensure these tasks are done in a timely manner and aid the smooth running of your business in general. All good quality equipment & asset management systems these days will enable the automation of pretty much any type of form or paperwork that you would usually handle manually.

Asset Management software

2. Access Your Equipment Information From Wherever You Are Via The Cloud

Any equipment management system worth its salt will be based entirely in the cloud and not on specific computers and devices.

Excel has long been a stalwart of equipment management and a lot of firms still use this approach for storing information relating to their equipment. This may have been the most efficient way of doing things at one time, but it is not without its problems. Documents are often only stored on one employee’s computer which means no one else can access them when needed. Duplicate files are also an issue, creating confusion over which record is the most recent and which information is correct.

One of the main benefits of using equipment management software is that it is based in the cloud, meaning anyone with authorization can access the relevant records from wherever they are. Data is also protected from being lost in the event that your hardware or server experiences issues – even if everything crashed, your information would still be safely stored and backed up in the cloud.

3. Reduce Breakdowns by Keeping On Top of Your Equipment Maintenance

Regular maintenance of crucial, costly equipment is the single best way to reduce the number of breakdowns and keep important machinery and tools in commission. Equipment management systems make the scheduling and tracking of maintenance – both past and upcoming – incredibly easy. No company wants to miss out on a deal or project due to broken equipment and an asset management system will help to eliminate these lapses in maintenance. Automatic reminders ensure that team members are always aware of when maintenance is due, so there’s no need to worry about anyone forgetting to check the calendar or book things in.

A company’s equipment and assets are invaluable to the running and operation of its business. By employing an innovative management system, you can make sure your team is always up to date, regardless of where they are, and that your equipment is regularly and consistently maintained – meaning you never risk missing out on another project or job. If you would like a demo of the BIStrainer equipment management system to see firsthand how a good asset management system can benefit your company, then please get in touch with the team at BIS.